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The founders of CircuitWriter Media felt a real loss when the United Methodist Reporter was closing down operations. They felt that independent news was a valuable voice for sharing all sides of our dynamic church. Taking over digital properties in 2013, this team of volunteers has continued the life of independent news in the United Methodist Church as a gift of love for the church and its people.

Blogging Community

Years ago, as bloggers themselves, and long before CircuitWriter Media was created the MethoBlog was built as a hub to share the thoughts and give voice to the everyday person in the church. If someone considers themselves a United Methodist and keeps a blog (even occasionally) then they are considered a part of “The MethoBlog”. The MethoBlog aggregates and promotes over 300 individual blogs that cover a wide range of interests and perspectives.

Web Group

CircuitWriter Media offers web services with the church, and the church budget, in mind. We offer custom web design to economical web design as well as ongoing maintenance and hosting. If your United Methodist Church is needing to update their web presence a good place to start that process is to talk with those of us at CircuitWriter Media. We have almost 20 years of design and coding experience and even more years of understanding church ministry needs. We get you because we are you.

CircuitWriter Media Leadership

Charles Harrison

Charles Harrison


Charles is best known for his work as a church consultant in the areas of Youthwork and for his Wesleyan Model of Ministry for Church, Campus, and Mission organizations. He is also an adjunct professor of Youth Ministry at Perkins School of Theology.

Through his Board work for The Foundation for Evangelism Charles works to help spread responsible evangelism in the UMC. Through his Board work for Proyecto Abrigo in Juarez, Mexico, Charles is actively involved in working with those on the margin being crushed by poverty and violence.
Charles stays anchored in the life of a local Church by serving as Director of Christian Education at Kessler Park UMC in Dallas, Texas.

Charles is married to Rev. Georgia M. Harrison, an ordained Deacon in the North Texas Conference serving at FUMC, Wichita Falls, Texas. His son Ricky Harrison, who was a delegate to General Conference in 2012 is finishing up his senior year of religious studies at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas and heading to seminary in 2014. His daughter Marisa is in nursing school Midwestern State University.


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Progressive Youth Ministry Conference
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